Radiance Pro 4242

Lumagen Radiance Pro 424x – front
Lumagen Radiance Pro 424x – rear

Radiance processing power, SD – UltraHD in and out, 17x17x17 CMS, DARBEE DVP

The new Radiance Pro range of video processors are Lumagen’s first 4K UHD input and output capable devices. New architecture allows a range of different input and output models as well as upgradeability should owners add more sources or displays or even if hdmi standards change. Internally the main processing board has been designed to run at the maximum bandwidth potentially available for UHD HDMI2.0 sources and each input and output module is a dual socket design. Meaning that clients can start with just two inputs and add another if required, the scaler automatically detecting the presence of the new module in the Radiance Pro, making it accessible.

All the normal features we have come to expect from a Lumagen scaler are catered for in these devices. Support for 2,35:1 screens, with or without anamorphic lenses. The reference no-ring scaling up to 4K/60Hz output. Full 21 point parametric RGB gamma control and 17X17X17 LUT colour calibration. Support for rec 2020 colorspace and HDR calibration profiles. Just as the original Radiances continue to have firmware updates adding performance enhancements or new features, 8yrs after their release it is expected that the Radiance Pro line will continue for a similar period of time making them one of the best investments in home cinema.

Key Features:

-four 4k60 UltraHD inputs
-two processed 4k60 UltraHD outputs
-Inputs and outputs support HDMI 1.x and HDMI 2.0, with HDCP 1.x or HDCP 2.2, at up to 4k60
-Outputs are independently programmable for video, audio, or both
-Modular I/O allows upgrading to new HDMI technology as it becomes available
-Proprietary Lumagen NoRing™ scaling
-DARBEE Digital Visual Presence (DVP) enhancement technology for up to 2K sources
-Vertical keystone correction
-Supports complete processing of 2D or 3D sources on processed outputs
-10 bit front-end, with 12+ bits in calibration pipeline
-Per-pixel SD/HD video deinterlacing
-4913 point (17x17x17) CMS
-Rec2020 colorspace and HDR supported
-21-point Parametric Grayscale calibration
-Anamorphic screen support for up to 4k sources with and without an anamorphic lens
-Supports complete processing of 2D and 3D sources
-Rack mountable (2U/1U) case, with optional rack ears
-High reliability external power supply rated at 34 years MTBF by manufacturer


Remote Control
Universal power supply
USB cable for updating
Limited 1 year warranty
Optional rack ears

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