See what our customers say

Dan from Aldershot, UK

“Brilliant! It’s transformed my home cinema.”

Joel, Woburn Sands, UK

“The quality and the feature set of the Radiance product speak for themselves, but the Lumagen team’s openness and readiness to listen to customer feedback and suggestions – and implement them quickly via free product updates – is the very definition of great customer service.”

Dave, Madison, Wisconsin, USA

“Anyone who owns the Radiance will tell you how amazing it is. It does everything you’ve heard it does, and then some. It is the most important and most powerful piece of equipment in my setup. But even more incredible is the way Lumagen stands behind its product by listening to us owners, with a constant influx of updates and bug fixes. No issue stays unresolved, and new features are added all the time, long into the lifecycle of the product.”

Tony, Cardiff, UK

“Lumagen not only produces the best video processors around (the Radiance in particular is a wonder to behold), their customer service and after sales care are second to none. This company is a marvel. If only every company in the AV industry performed to this standard!”

Paul, Aukland, New Zealand

“The Lumagen Radiance is a marvellous piece of equipment. With it’s very clean scaling and extensive image calibration tools, it transforms the ho-hum picture on my low spec projector into an extremely compelling image.”